Notes in Adobe Launch. Great news! You can now add notes in Adobe Launch in almost all the components.

So, what are notes?

Notes are textual annotations that you can add to certain Launch resources. Notes can be attached to the following resources:

  • Extensions
  • Data elements
  • Rules
  • Rule components
  • Libraries
  • Properties

Notes can contain up to 512 Unicode characters.Notes are comments that have no impact on the behavior of the resources they are attached to. They are not included in built libraries.

How does it help?

In all tag managers, there are different components that work with each other and it helps a lot if we can keep a track on how one component is affecting other.

For example, there are data elements which are being called in rules. While auditing the list of data elements, it will be extremely helpful to mention where all this data element has been fed, such that you know that in case you are making an update to this data element which rules will get affected. So, a very welcome addition!

In general, its a very good practice if users add terse notes about the updates they are making to any components with dates and their name. Often, multiple users are working on the tag manager account and on a bad hair day it can be difficult to find out why any particular component exists and who created it. A small description helps a great way in speeding up the debugging process.

Some other use cases:

  • Provide background information on a resource
  • Function as a to-do list for future enhancements
  • Pass along resource usage advice to other users
  • Give instructions to other team members
  • Record historical context
  • Remind yourself what a resource does, why it is built the way it is, or where it gets used

Create a note

Noteable resources display a narrow rail on the right-hand side of the screen. The rail includes an icon for notes. This icon displays the current number of notes attached to the resource.Click the Notes icon to expand the right rail and display the notes, with the most recent notes at the top. To add a new note, enter your note text in the box at the top and click Add Note .


  • Notes in Launch match the behavior of notes in DTM, in that they are immutable and cannot be edited or deleted.
  • When viewing older revisions of a resource, only the notes that were created prior to that revision’s created_at date are displayed.
  • When you delete a resource, all notes attached to the resource are also deleted.

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