Trigger Group in GTM

Trigger Group in GTM is one of the very useful features in the trigger configuration of GTM.

A trigger is an integral part of the tag. Event tracking in Google Tag Manager depends on triggers.

The trigger tells the tag to fire when the specified event is detected. Every tag must have at least one trigger in order to fire.

It wasn’t easy to combine several events into a single super-condition (for example, if a visitor does AA event and also BB event, then activate the tag X). Thanks to Trigger Group now. 

Trigger group will evaluate the conditions of two or more triggers as one.

The trigger group will only fire after all of the selected triggers have fired at least once.

And if we add more than one instance of a particular trigger, it will need to fire the corresponding number of times before this trigger group will fire.

Following are the steps to create a trigger group in GTM:

  1. Go to Triggers tab, click New
  2. Click Trigger configuration and choose Trigger Group
  3. Click choose a trigger and select two or more triggers from your container.
  4. (Optional): To add the same trigger again, click + and select the desired trigger again. Repeat for the number of times you need that same event to occur before the trigger group fires.
  5. Click Save

Things to keep in mind

There are more things you should know:

  • The order in which you add triggers to the group does not mean anything. The only thing that matters to the group is whether ALL triggers in it are activated at least once per page.
  • The trigger group is fired only once per page. Even if all triggers (that are within the group) fire once again, the trigger group will remain silent. As of the moment, there is no way to reset the trigger group (in order to fire it multiple times per page).

What do you think of Trigger Group in GTM?

Has it been easy or hard? How you have been using it for your website?

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