Google Tag Manager Tutorial 🤔 What are tags? 🤔

Whenever we are referring to “tags” in the context of digital marketing or digital analytics or tag managers then :

  • Tags are codes of JavaScript or html or both
  • Tags are used to install 3rd party tools on your website or app

3rd party tools = any tools which you do not own

example : facebook tag, google analytics tag, google tag manager tag, linkedin insight tag etc etc

But, Tags within tag manager don’t look like codes?

KNOWN MEMES REFRESHED BY ME (RagemanDerp) by ZcoogerChannel on DeviantArt

They look something like this :

tags i


Because, these tags which you see in tag manager are just convenient way to install them where in the tag manager takes care of arranging the codes associated with these tools for you behind the scenes.

Also, note this thing that tags presented to you withing tag manager are not all the tags in the world. For example as of july 2020, there is no facebook tag in Google tag manager.

To install facebook then you have to choose the tag type as custom html :


And then you need to put the code for the tag :


Where would i get the tags if they are not in tag manager?

KNOWN MEMES REFRESHED BY ME (RagemanDerp) by ZcoogerChannel on DeviantArt

Well, if you are considering installation of somewhat popular tool then don’t worry your tool vendor would provide you the code. There would be some way to get your code and a simple Google search will guide you on how you can get the tag for your tool.

So, hope you can now tell anyone what are tags.


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