Do you have plenty of Digital Analytics projects in the pipeline? Are you facing a resource crunch to deliver the Digital Analytics projects?

Our partners have on-boarded high quality operations bandwidth by hiring us as their Extended Digital Analytics team.

We provide premium services in the entire Adobe Analytics Cloud :

  • Adobe Launch
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Audience Manager

Our team is seasoned in :

  • Implementing marketing & analytics pixels on the websites & apps.
  • Data analysis to deliver actionable insights
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Interactive and aesthetic dashboards

Proud to be associated with partners like :

Frequently Asked Questions :

How does the White-labelling arrangement work?

These are standard practices followed by most companies of all sizes which leverage sub-contracting services to extend their operations bandwidth. The first step is to sign an Non Disclosure Agreement with Non-Compete & with Non-Hiring clause to ensure that there are no conflict of interests. Next, one of the most common ways is creation of your company email IDs for DataVinci employees that will be allocated for your projects. Based on our agreement, we can also list our employees as your employees on LinkedIn. For any required correspondence with your clients, our employees will leverage the protocols set by you which can further be refined on a case by case basis.

At which timings resources will be available?

We provide time-zone overlapping support to only clients who get into a retainer based arrangement with us. Not for short-term, one-off projects.

For clients in the USA, we provide support till 12 PM EST. For clients in Australia, we provide support from 2PM onwards.

Usually, our team works from 11:30 AM IST if no overlapping support is required

How does the project management work ?

When it comes to tools, internally we are using Clickup. But, we are presently on-boarded across multiple tools that our clients use – Asana, Trello, Monday, Jira etc.

There will be a dedicated (non-billable) project manager from our side who will liaise between your team and our delivery team and ensure that the requirements are properly gathered and delivered

How does the communication work?

These days, most of the companies leverage Slack for internal communication. You can onboard our team on your Slack by creating a dedicated channel for us. Other than that, we can set times for check-in calls, project calls and other ad-hoc or WIP calls.

We are open to any other tool that you might be using like Skype or MS Teams or Discord

How does the time tracking work?

Internally, we track time on Clickup. But, our clients use a variety of time tracking tools like Harvest, Taimer, Clockify, Toggle etc. You will need to on-board us to your internal tools if you want to manage time tracking at your end.

How does the Invoicing work?

We are flexible when it comes to invoicing. Some of our clients prefer bi-weekly invoicing while some prefer a monthly one.

Do you think having a small chat can yield a long-term fruitful relationship ?

If Yes, then :