Adobe Analytics Implementation For US-Based Telecom And Communication Brand
 Impact: 95% Backend Match Rate Delivered 

Business Challenge

The client wanted to implement analytics using Adobe stack for Web platform as well as Mobile App to effectively track various relevant metrics. The client also wanted custom reports in Adobe Workspace for Mobile as well as Web Report Suite to analyze the marketing data and other key metrics for performance to facilitate and empower the decision making process across stakeholders. Adobe stack offers premium analytical services that can be used to combine, contrast, and analyze the data from any digital point in the customer experience using Adobe Analytics. Predictive intelligence, flexible reporting, and in-depth analysis provide the smart foundation you need to create superior customer experiences. The custom reports offered by Adobe are exceptional that comes with highly customizable and detailed visualizations that can be used to make reporting robust and valuable.

Solution From DataVinci

Team DataVinci commenced the task by scoping relevant events and populating the same in the solution design reference document (SDR) created for Web that serves as a unified platform for all updates and additions.

The above process involves trying all the user journeys and identifying relevant events that are important in term of analytics to the client like newsletter subscription, etc
The SDR contains all the information regarding variables, events, rules, etc. that will be/are implemented based on the status.
For the web e-commerce events we suggested the use of datalayer pushes for accurate tracking and also provided the code snippets for the same.

The SDR was divided into 3 sections –

  • Event details
  • Variable details
  • DataLayer brief
Once the QA was done and the SDR was approved and validated by all the stakeholders, DataVinci team started with the configuration of the different Report Suites, that is, to set up all the success events, conversion variables (eVar), and traffic variables (props) in accordance to the SDR.
After configuring the Report Suite for Web, a property was created in Adobe Data Collection wherein all the extensions, data elements, and rules were setup and created, to enable data to be sent to Analytics.


Successful Adobe Analytics implementation resulting in 95% backend match rate for a US-based telecom and communication brand, enabling accurate tracking of key metrics and dimensions. Detailed reports were created using the Web Report Suite to meet specific business requirements.

Partner Feedback

“DataVinci Analytics Agency has provided the client with highly qualified talent. Their project delivery has been flawless, and all end clients are renewing their contracts.”

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