Adobe Analytics Implementation For US-Based Health and Wellness Brand
 Impact: 94% Backend Match Rate Delivered 

Business Challenge

The client had a requirement to implement analytics for their mobile app as well, to track user events and other key metrics and also wanted sample reporting for the mobile app events’ data separately.

Adobe analytics implementation for Mobile is a bit complex as compared to implementation for Web as it involves event implementation on Mobile app code directly. For Web we can use different methods but for tracking Mobile app events we have two methods –

  • Through Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network (Server Side)
  • Integrating Mobile SDK with Cloud Solutions specific end-points

We used the second one, through specific end point, in which we configured a specific end-point from the Platform Mobile SDK.

The SDR in the case of mobile app consisted of:-

  • Event details
  • Variable details
  • Code snippets for all events

Solution From DataVinci

Once the SDR for mobile was approved by the client, we started off with the creation of a mobile property in Adobe Tag Properties after which all the required extensions were installed to the same.

After other configurations relating to the SDK code type, we created code snippets for all the events mentioned in SDR, according to the syntax provided by Adobe.

These code snippets were provided to the client’s development team to add in the mobile SDK.

After the implementation of all the API call events as provided in the SDR. Team DataVinci tested all the events and provided feedback and adjustments.

The testing of the events was conducted through Adobe platform Assurance that enabled us to view the in coming events in real-time.


Successful implementation of Adobe Analytics resulting in 94% backend match rate on mobile for a leading US health brand, delivering accurate data for mobile report suites. Generated tailored, insightful reports on user behavior, engagement, and performance metrics. Empowered brand to optimize mobile app effectively.

Multiple detailed reports with various visualizations for key metrics and dimensions were setup to facilitate the decision making process.

Partner Feedback

“DataVinci Analytics Agency has provided the client with highly qualified talent. Their project delivery has been flawless, and all end clients are renewing their contracts.”

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