Case Background :

This case study presents how we discovered a variant of product landing page that converts 45% better than its predecessor variant!

The website is built on Shopify, but they have a separate landing page which is built on hard core html code base.

The business is in the niche of CBD based Pet Food chewable bites.

The traffic acquisition channels are primarily social media.

The website uses Google Analytics + Google Optimize combination for analysis and Optimization.

We additionally installed Microsoft Clarity on the site for sessions recordings and user interaction heat maps.

The landing page receives on an average 50,000+ every month and prior to experiment was converting under 3%.

Quantitative Analysis:

We use this Google Data Studio dashboard to do a Quatitative analysis of the site :

The link is publicly accessbile, so feel free to use it 😉

Here is what we found :

95% Mobile Traffic
Since majority of the traffic arriving on the site is through social channel - Facebook and Instagram, plus, since the business is in a very niche category, it was not very surprising to see that majority of traffic was on mobile experience.
Average Bounce Rate
The site had under 55% bounce rate, which considering the nature of traffic and industry standards seemed ok
Decent Page Load Speed
The landing page was loading at a decent speed. We could not find any bugs or performance issues that would have hindered the conversions.

Qualitative Analysis :

For qualitative analysis we have curated a checklist of over 60 parameters that we have developed post exhaustive experimentation across 200+ projects. We have found that only by implementing the guidelines from this qualitative audit, organizations can expect at least 30% bump in their conversion rates with statistical significance.

Following were the key discoveries from qualitative audit :

Poor Product Image Slider
The product image slider was not of the best quality. The images were not pinch zoomable. There were only 2 images with weak angles. There was no flickable action and the 2 images could be seen only by clicking on their thumbnails.
Text Heavy Page Copy
The page copy was a bit text heavy. There were big paragraphs, limite use of bullets. The creatives on the page were also not very impactful.
Missing FAQ section
The nature of the product category is such that many users will have certain set of questions around the product content, usage, shelf life etc. But there was no section on the page addressing these questions.
Weak use of Guarantees
The company offers 30 day money back guarantee, plus secure checkout assurance. These guarantees can address concerns of many users. Even though these guarantees were present on the page, but were considerably de prioritized.

Soution Delivered :

Since the site has limited traffic, taking the route of experimenting one change at a time would take eons. We rather suggested the company to completely revamp the page and drive a split test between the old and the new variants.

The team at DataVinci then went on drawing board to design a new variant from scratch.

Following is the sequence of steps taken :

High Impact Product Image Slider
We created a new Product Image Slider from scratch. We added more images of the product from different angles. The images not only showed the box, but also how the contents looked. Our creative and copy team created multiple infographics and visual components that we added in the product image slider educating the audience about ingredients, product benefits, quantity etc. We also added User Generated Images of customers showing images of their happy pets.
Optimized Product Description
Our team optimized the product description section leveraging a combination of icon based bullet points with paragraphs. This was done to improve the readability of the content which will in turn enhance the engagement with the page.
Addition Of FAQ Section
Our team had multiple rounds of discussions with the customer supports team to discover the most common questions of the customers. By leveraging this information we developed an Accordion based FAQ section addressing the most common concerns of the target audience.
Prioritizing Gurantees
We prioritized the guarantees from the bottom of the page to just under the key CTA. We added security assurance badges + 30 day money back gurantees under the CTA. Plus, we also added shipping and delivery times in the announcement bar.

Impact :

Leveraging Google Optimize, the team launched a split test to statistically compare the performance between the existing lander and our new lander. It took Google Optimize 25 days to declare the variant a winner with 96% probability.



The test was ran for 25 Days to ensure statistical significance.



The challenger created by DataVinci outperformed default by 45%



Variant declared winner by Google Optimize with 96% probability

Closing Notes :

Fundamentally, when we call something an experiment – we cannot be certain of the outcome. Hence, with A/B tests or split tests as well – we must accept that there can be a possibility that the test will not produce a high converting variant.

But, if you want to ensure a consistently high performing digital asset, then testing and optimizing MUST be in the culture of your organization. Having said that, here are few things to consider to improve chances of success :

  • Work with an experienced team. A good team with experience develops decent intuition on what will work and what will not. Saving considerable time as testing can be long sometimes
  • Page speed performance is a low hanging fruit
  • Work on your offer first and then on your website, no amount of CRO can cover up for a bad offer
  • Decide your tests based on your traffic volume, don't do minor tests with low volumes, it will take you ages to disover a better variant
  • Design your page copy based on your key traffic channels. Someone coming through search is perhaps already aware of your product category, while social traffic needs more education

We hope you found this case useful. If you want to discuss any Analytics or CRO project with us, you can use the link below :