Complement: 82% Lift In Conversions With
3 Changes On Their Website

The Brand

This brand was born in 2017 to bring high-quality nutritional supplements for the vegan population.

However, they are not the typical supplement company. Rather, they advocate for high transparency, sustainable production, and minimalist supplementation.

They call this complementing (instead of supplementing) your diet.

One of their founders, Matt Frazier, is the author of the best-selling book “The Plant-Based Athlete”, and they create scientific content through their allied brand No Meat Athlete.

The company started working with Conversion Boosters in May 2021, and within a few months, they had achieved an 82% lift in conversions that came from 3 particular changes on their website.

This special report covers what these changes were and the results they produced.

The Challenge

When Complement came to us, the challenge was that they had a beautiful, branded, and high-performing website.

It was not easy at first to discover which changes could drive higher conversions, but we eventually found 3 that brought an incredible 82% increase.


  • Had a big vision of becoming a household name for the plant-based industry
  • Had a subscription model that increased the Lifetime Value of each customer
  • Had a sophisticated product that required educating the prospects before they could buy

That is why any additional increase in conversion rate was highly valuable for them.

The Solution

The first thing we did was review the site’s copy because this product has unique features that require educating prospects.

For example, they sell one multivitamin with the essential nutrients that, according to science, can be hard to get on a plant-based diet.

Many people in the vegan community would react against this statement, because they felt it was undermining the nutritional value of a plant-based diet.

However, the whole company was about optimizing the plant-based lifestyle, not discouraging it.

That is why our approach was educating the users early on, and introducing enhanced psychological cues for action.We’ll now cover the specific ways we implemented these changes.

First Experiment:

When users landed on the product-specific page, they would see a long description of all the ingredients and benefits of the product.

However, most of the traffic was coming from social media and they would quickly leave when facing such a long page.

Our hypothesis was that highlighting the benefits of the products and encapsulating their value early on would increase conversions. We added a hook so people would immediately see it once they landed on the page.

The hook was designed with the psychology of the user in mind. The title stated “Worried about deficiencies in your plant-based diet? No more! The World’s First Multivitamin designed for vegans, backed by science”.

The result was a lift in conversion rate by 22.5%.

Second Experiment

As stated earlier, the product description was lengthy and many people would leave when faced with so much information.

Our hypothesis was that highlighting the benefit of the product early on the page would increase conversions.

We tested organizing the product description with bullet points, but it didn’t convert as well as having a short paragraph. We then introduced the title “The ultimate multivitamin for plant-based eaters” to summarize the benefits of the product.

That way we would immediately state who was this product for, and what it could do for them.

The result was a lift in conversion rate by 7.6%.

Third Experiment

During the product page one of the things that could be improved was introducing psychological cues for people to take action.

Our hypothesis was that adding animation & glow to the Add to cart button would increase conversions. That way, people’s attention was drawn to the CTA.

Although at first there was not a high faith in this experiment, it provided very significant results!

The result was a lift in conversion rate by 39.3%.

The Results

After these 4 changes, Complement saw an 82% overall lift in conversions across their product pages.

What this meant for the business was a permanent 82% increase in their revenue. That meant multiple hundred thousand of extra revenue to fuel their rapid growth and keep improving the lives of 110,407+ vegans.

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