Discover How Much REVENUE You’re Leaking On your product pages

Get highly actionable and clear insights on what you need to Add, Update or Remove from your pages to boost your conversion rates.

Clear Insights & Clear Examples

Based on 1000+ CRO Experiments

Deliver an unparalleled buyer experience

Fast-Scaling Brands Use Datavinci’s CRO Audit To Accelerate Growth

Stop burning money on
ads that are promoting inefficient landing pages that are simply not optimized for conversions!

Here is a fact: Unless your product pages include all of the essential elements that shoppers need to comprehend your offer, it will be impossible for your eCommerce store to persuade them to be your customers.

And No, Your Ads Are Not The Problem

Most e-commerce business owners focus on adding more budget and optimizing the ads themselves.
Without realizing their product pages might be the real reason for low sales and higher acquisition costs.

However, The good news is, there’s a better way.

Understand this thing: Improving conversion rates simply translates to higher profits without higher marketing spending!

What if you had a step-by-step, data-driven blueprint to optimize every element of your product page, leaving no stone unturned?
More orders. More sales. More profits. More confidence in your store performance. More freedom to expand and focus on other critical business actions.

For example, take a store converting at 1% with 1000 visitors and an AOV of $40.

That’s 10 sales and $400 in revenue. With a simple 50% increase in conversion rate, those numbers turn into 15 sales and $600 in revenue. Without adding a single dollar to the budget.
Say you get a 100% uplift. And add $5 to the AOV. You’re now getting 20 sales with a revenue of $900. Again, with zero increase in spend.
Can you see how you, too, can grow your own business like clockwork by optimizing your store for conversion?

This data-driven
E-Commerce CRO Audit

This data-driven E-Commerce CRO Audit delivers you a clear action plan presenting key areas of improvement in your landing pages to help you to maximize your conversion rates. Get easy to comprehend report listing the most important CRO optimization elements with clear examples and highly actionable insights.

What Does A Report Look Like?

Design Recommendations to for Optimization

Things to improve

Suggestion 1: By emphasizing the size selector at the top and selecting a higher quantity as an initial option, you can significantly increase your average order value.

Suggestion 2: By adding and showcasing the promo code you’ll amaze your customers with exclusive discounts, making them more eager to purchase from you!

Suggestion 3: When you switch to subscription mode, reap the savings that come with it! Highlighting these discounts will make them too good for customers to pass up.

Suggestion 4: Clearly communicate to the customer that opting into Subscribe mode will enhance their experience with a wide range of features and benefits outlined in the column.


Datavinci started with a lot of amazing suggestions about CRO and SEO. We started with CRO implementation with them. We were impressed by their time and scope of work. We got a 100% lift in conversions.

Rick Hoek


A CRO Audit Designed To Deliver Maximum Profits With Minimum Effort

Our CRO audit will list out the critical elements of your an e-commerce store,  analyze gaps and weaknesses, and help you capitalize on ‘low-hanging fruit’ so you can promote your optimized store and earn more with the same marketing spend 

Other audits and checklists

That Cannot Be Us

That's Us

You're 4 Simple Steps Away From Massive Conversion Uplift


We collect the details of the e-commerce product page you need us to analyze


We inspect the ‘conversion potential’ of all elements of your page based on best practices and data insights 


We send you a PDF with the  5 stages of our analysis for each section: Section Score, Section Issues, Recommendations, Reasons Why, and Examples


Our CRO expert hop on a quick call with you to explain the gaps on your page and best practices to optimize conversions

Why Trust Datavinci With Your Store Performance?

As we’ve mentioned before, we’ve dedicated the last 4+ years to  extensive CRO research specializing in e-commerce.

Over 1000+ experiments that have helped us perfect the art and science of Heuristic Analysis.

Based on this we’ve come up with this data-driven E-Commerce CRO Audit guaranteed to drive higher conversion rates for your product pages.
At the heart of Datavinci is a twin focus on buyer psychology and an analytical approach to e-commerce marketing.
We’re obsessed with how people behave, and the numbers that explain the buyer experience you provide for your customers.

In Fact, Don’t Listen To Us- Here Are Our Customers Talking About How They’ve Benefitted From Datavinci’s CRO Approach.

Wajjad Hussain

I was blown away by the findings from this CRO Audit. It revealed several significant issues with my website which I had been unaware of, allowing me to leverage missed opportunities for revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

Cameron Williamson

We learned a lot along the way from DataVinci Analytics Agency, improving our area of weakness.

Ronald Richards

Their technical knowledge and proactiveness in solving problems are impressive.

AFlood of ConversionsFor The Price of A Fancy Dinner

We’re on a mission to help e-commerce stores grow to their full potential- regardless of industry, country, or product line.

That’s why our CRO audit pricing


Basic Package

$ 250
  • UX Analysis of key Page categories
  • Data Analysis based on Google Analytics data

Standard Package

$ 750
  • All in 250 Pack
  • Fold By Fold Recommendations
  • Heatmap Analysis
  • Session Recording Analysis
  • Review Analysis

Premium Package

$ 1500
  • All in 750 +
  • 10+ redesigns for key areas requiring optimization
Best Value

Additional Free Bonuses You’re Getting As Part Of The CRO Audit


Product Page Secrets- a highly sought-after e-book that gives you an insider look at how top companies create pages that convert

Here’s Everything
You’re Getting In Audit starting at $250
When You Sign Up For The
Our CRO Audit

Data-Driven Audit Report

Involving precise scoring, gap analysis, recommendations, reasons, and examples

User Behaviour Analysis

Digging deeper into your customers’ behaviour on your website to gain priceless insights that will greatly improve their experience.

Consultation Call

On how to approach optimizing your page based on the report and how Datavinci can help

Hidden Secrets

Get access to an e-book guide that includes our SUCCESSFUL experiments to ensure that you follow best practices.

What Are You Waiting For?

Why continue to leave money on the table with a low-converting product page? Sign up for our data-backed E-commerce CRO Audit today and skyrocket your conversions.

Book a FREE 30 min. Strategy Session

Meet with one of our CRO experts to discuss your business requirements and get a personalized audit report


Start My CRO Audit

Our CRO team of professionals will provide you with the most beneficial solution tailored to your website and target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each Audit is jam packed with examples, mockups, ideas and proven tips you & your team can execute and begin testing right away, as well as bigger future considerations. We can provide a list of trusted partners to help execute recommendations if needed.

Our typical turn around time is roughly 4 weeks from the time the onboarding questionnaire is submitted. We’re real people, giving real feedback so it takes us a bit of time to make sure we’re providing the most value to you as possible.

Once we’ve completed your Audit, you’ll have a guide for what should be done and how to get the most out of your site. It’s built so your technical team can execute, but by request we can tackle any updates through our development studio. We would only quote this work after your Audit is complete and we have a full picture of the work involved.

Each Audit starts with a simple onboarding questionnaire. This helps us understand any planned changes, specific concerns, and other details to ensure you’re getting the most value out of your Audit.

We work with all sizes of brands from mom and pop shops selling trinkets out of their kitchen to the proctor and gambles of the world. Our pricing is based on the number of pages we review so it’s affordable for most brands!

You bet, we often do Audits of wireframe or design files. Working our initial input into your site pre-launch should give you a serious leg up once you kick off, plus things are always easier to adjust before they are built.

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