Case Background :

This case study presents how addition of announcement bar with high impact messaging lead to a 7% lift in conversion rates!

The case is for a business is in the niche of Hair Oil.

The website is on Shopify Platform.
The business already has a strong customer base through multiple offline channels and they are in process of establishing a stable and profitable channel in the online as well.

Observations :

Usual Shopify + Social Media Track
Like most mid size eCom stores - this business also heavily relies on Social media to acquire traffic on the website. And, hence the nature of traffic is cold which are not previously familiar with the brand.
Solid Reviews
The business has a genuinely good product. They have acquired a considerable volume of Google Reviews. But, they did not use the reviews in the copy of their product page.
Majority mobile traffic
Since the site relies heavily on social media for customer acquisition, majority of the traffic on the site was from mobile users.

Hypothesis :

Based on the above observations we formed this hypothesis that by adding the Google ratings in the announcement bar – we can educate the cold traffic better about the quality of the brand & this addition will positively impact conversions by bumping up the trust quotient among the cold audience.

Execution :

It was not a very difficult experiment to execute.

Following steps were taken :

Getting The Creatives
We worked with the marketing and creative team of the company to get some beautiful banners that we could add above the shop section.
Development in Google Optimize
Our developers introduced a new section in Google Optimize Editor just above the existing shop flow to display the banners.
Split Test
We then started a 50-50 split test in Google Optimize to gather the data on the performance of the 2 variants.

Results :

The experiment was continued for 74 days, post which Google Optimize itself declared the challenger as the winner. Here are the key stats :



The test was ran for 74 Days to ensure statistical significance.



The challenger created by DataVinci outperformed default by 7%



Variant declared winner by Google Optimize with 97% probability

About Announcement Bars

An announcement bar is a horizontal bar of your website that usually contains text, optionally with call-to-action button and/or images. This type of page element appears within the header or footer of a webpage.

Typically, these bars are used to alert website visitors about an upcoming sale or promotion, provide them with a coupon code for discounts/free shipping, display new product announcements, or even announce that you’ve moved to a new location.

Announcement bars can also be used to re-engage customers who abandon their carts without making a purchase. You can use an announcement bar to remind them that their items are still available in the shopping cart, and you could even offer them another chance to complete their purchase.

Announcement Bar With Countdown Timer
Do you want to announce a special promotion or sale? You could include an announcement bar that contains a countdown timer. This type of page element is especially effective if you're hosting a Black Friday sale, New Year's Eve party, or any holiday-related event. People are drawn to time-sensitive offers and they'll often jump at the chance to purchase a product that's only available for a short period.
Announcement Bar With Coupon Codes
If you're hosting a sale or offering unique discounts, then an announcement bar is one of the best tools you can use to promote these offers. When combined with coupon codes, such as "SAVE10" or "FREE10" this type of page element can be effective and it will encourage people to purchase with you since they'll be receiving a discount.
New Product Announcement
Are you planning on releasing new products? If so, an announcement bar is a perfect tool for you. By placing one at the top or bottom of your webpage you can easily create a call to action that encourages visitors and customers alike to check out the new items you're selling.
Free Shipping Promotion
When you run a holiday sale or offer your customers free shipping, it's important to be proactive. If you wait until the last minute to inform your website visitors that they can receive free shipping, then you could lose sales due to cart abandonment. You need an effective way to remind them about the availability of your free shipping offer, and an announcement bar is a great way to accomplish this goal. You could include a coupon code or countdown timer along with your shipping information so people don't forget about the special deals you're currently hosting.
Show Off Your Ratings
If you've received positive reviews and ratings from third-party websites, then an announcement bar is a great tool to display your accolades. Many people rely on online reviews and ratings when they're choosing which businesses to purchase from, so you can use this page element to build trust, credibility, and awareness.

Closing Notes :

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