Case Background :

This case study presents how we developed a variant for Exotic Flora that lead to a 8% lift in conversion rates!

The website is on Shopify Platform.

Exotic Flora is an e-commerce store selling live plants online.
The company primarily sells the product in India.

Observations :

No Zoom On Product  Image Sliders

Zoom allows visitors to get a closer look at your products and see the finer details. It also helps them envision how your product would look in real life, which could encourage them to buy it! Zoom is a standard feature on all popular eCommerce sites, but this feature was missing on Exotic Flora.

Extremely Lengthy & Verbose Product Description

The product description was extremely long and verbose. Further, important information around shipping and plant maintenance were pushed to the very end of the lengthy description

No Quantity Selector

Quantity selector is a great way to increase the average order value. It is also a standard feature present in most eCommerce stores these days. But, the selector was absent for Exotic Flora. 

Actions :

Enabled Zoom With Visual Cue

Our developers introduced pinch zoom into the Shopify theme code and also added a symbol to guide the traffic that the page supports zoom functionality.

A Modular Product Description

Our developers created a collapsible product description widget enabled with tabs to quickly access shipping and other related information.

Quantity Selector Addition

Our developers introduced a quantity selector above the CTAs on the page, making it easy for the users to conveniently add more products if they want to do that.

Execution :

Since it was the primary requirement to drive the updates on the site using experimentation, we came up with an interesting solution.

We made all the updates dependent on presence of a dataLayer element.

We pushed this dataLayer element using Google Optimize.

So, if the dataLayer element on the page, the changes will kick in as part of the challenger variant, otherwise the traffic will be exposed to the default variant.

Results :

The experiment was continued for 24 days, post which Google Optimize itself declared the challenger as the winner. Here are the key stats :



The test was ran for 24 Days to ensure statistical significance.



The challenger created by DataVinci outperformed default by 8%



Variant declared winner by Google Optimize with 95% probability

Closing Notes :

We hope you found this case useful. If you want to discuss any Analytics or CRO project with us, you can use the link below :