Case Background :

This case study presents how we discovered a variant of shopping flow that converts 19% better than its predecessor variant!

The business is in the niche of Telecom.

The website has been developed in-house. The website has 2 sections – marketing and shop. The marketing section is regular section educating the traffic about the various company products and offers. While the shop pages are developed on single page application.

Observations :

Very Transnational Shop Section
While the marketing pages did a very good job of creatively providing information about the products and offers. The shop pages were very transnational.
Session Start Possible On Shop
The website has been designed in such a way that previously abandoned shop sessions could restart from shop pages directly, if the visitor happens to return. Further, certain email campaigns could initiate the session directly from shop pages.

Hypothesis :

Based on the observations, we formed this hypothesis that by introducing a small banner above the shop application will refresh the benefits about the offer for visitors who have already been on marketing pages. Plus, will quickly educate new visitors about the offers.

Execution :

It was not a very difficult experiment to execute.

Following steps were taken :

Getting The Creatives
We worked with the marketing and creative team of the company to get some beautiful banners that we could add above the shop section.
Development in Google Optimize
Our developers introduced a new section in Google Optimize Editor just above the existing shop flow to display the banners.
Split Test
We then started a 50-50 split test in Google Optimize to gather the data on the performance of the 2 variants.

Results :

The experiment was continued for 23 days, post which Google Optimize itself declared the challenger as the winner. Here are the key stats :



The test was ran for 23 Days to ensure statistical significance.



The challenger created by DataVinci outperformed default by 19%



Variant declared winner by Google Optimize with 95% probability

Closing Notes :

We hope you found this case useful. If you want to discuss any Analytics or CRO project with us, you can use the link below :