Data Security at DataVinci Private Limited

At DataVinci Private Limited, safeguarding client data is paramount. We implement rigorous security measures and protocols to ensure the highest level of data protection, adhering strictly to the unique requirements of each client. Here’s a detailed overview of our data security practices:

1. Client Data Management

No Data Storage on Our Systems: We do not store any client data on our own systems. All data manipulation and analysis are performed within the client’s infrastructure.

Restricted Data Transfer: No client data is transferred to any third parties unless explicitly requested by the client for specific services.

2. Integration Within Client Systems

Use of Client Tools: All work is performed using the client’s systems and tools, under the client’s own security protocols, which we rigorously follow.

Client-Controlled Access: Access to data and systems is provided and controlled by the client, ensuring that only authorized DataVinci personnel engaged in the project have access.

3. Compliance and Adherence to Protocols

Custom Security Protocols: We adapt to and strictly follow the security protocols and guidelines provided by our clients.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance: We ensure compliance with all applicable data protection regulations relevant to the client’s location and industry.

4. Software and Hardware Security

Client-Specified Tools and Software: We install and use tools, software, or hardware as specified by the client, ensuring alignment with their operational standards and security requirements.

Licensed Software Only: All software used by our employees is fully licensed, ensuring compliance with legal standards and reducing security risks.

Advanced Malware Protection: We deploy robust antivirus and malware protection across all our operational technology to thwart potential cybersecurity threats.

5. Employee Training and Security Awareness

Client-Requested Trainings: We depend on the client to inform us about any specific trainings required to make our team aware of the protocols followed by the client.

Mandatory Security Training: Our employees undergo mandatory Mile2 Certified Security Awareness training upon joining and annually to keep abreast of the latest security practices and threats.

Ongoing Security Assessments: Regular security assessments and refreshers are conducted to ensure continuous improvement and vigilance in our security practices.

6. Operational Security Measures

Regular Security Audits: We conduct periodic security audits to assess the effectiveness of our security measures and to identify and remediate any potential vulnerabilities.

Incident Response and Management: We have a structured incident response plan in place to quickly address and mitigate any data breaches or security incidents.

7. Collaborative Security Approach

Transparent Communication: We maintain open and ongoing communication with our clients about our security measures and any incidents that may impact their data.

Customizable Security Policies: Our security policies can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients, ensuring optimal protection and compliance.

Contact Us

For further details on our comprehensive data security measures or to discuss specific security requirements, please contact our Data Protection Officer at

DataVinci is dedicated to providing a secure environment for handling and analyzing client data, mirroring the security levels expected of an in-house analytics team. Our commitment to security not only protects client data but also builds and maintains trust in our professional relationships.

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