Family Gifts Co: 30% Lift in Conversions By Optimizing The Mobile Experience

The Brand

Launched in 2019, Family Gifts Co. has one vision: to become the largest and most loved provider of family gift products in the USA, with a goal of 1,000,000 orders delivered by 2024. Their big driver behind this goal is donating over $1,000,000 to local charities!

The brand is known for selling personalized canvas prints that cause wow reactions among people. Their mugs with messages are shared across social media, and they also ship carefully crafted metal art to remember all family’s special moments.

The company started working with Conversion Boosters in January 2020, and within a year they had achieved:

  • A revenue increase of 30%;
  • An Average Order Value (AOV) lift by 23.61%
  • 930M ad impressions in the US

This special report covers one of the key drivers behind these results – Conversion Rate Optimization.

The Challenge

When Family Gifts Co. came to us, they were receiving at least 200,000 sessions a month. It was divided as follows:

  • 70% of the traffic was from mobile users
  • However, the conversion rate of desktop users was 2.5x that of Mobile

So the challenge was that most of the traffic came from mobile users, although the website was designed for a desktop experience.

Additionally, social media traffic was not converting optimally. 95% of all traffic coming from social media was mobile, and the majority of people who landed on the website for the first time were not purchasing.

To achieve its audacious goals, Family Gifts Co. needed to rapidly optimize its mobile experience and conversion rate to maximize the value of all the social media traffic they were receiving.

The Solution

The first thing we did was to watch 80-90 videos of users and analyze their behavior once they landed on the website.

This provided insight into what type of information were they looking for, which things got them distracted, and what was the common path they took before making a purchase.

Then we analyzed the data from Google Analytics, so we could create benchmarks and segment the users who were converting vs those who were not.

Finally, we created UX testing to ask for users’ feedback across the website, and to solve any friction points we could find.

First Experiment:

When mobile users were including their details to personalize the canvas, they could see the preview of their gift ONLY at the beginning of the order page. So once they scrolled down the page they could not see the finalized canvas, causing them to leave the page.

Our hypothesis was that shifting the preview of the finalized canvas from the top to the bottom would increase conversions. That way, people could visualize their personalized gift before finishing the purchase.

The result was a lift in conversion rate by 10.1%.

Second Experiment:

The brand was offering free shipping over $50 and most of their canvases are $99, but they were not leveraging this policy to increase their conversions.

Our hypothesis was that highlighting the free shipping option across the page would increase conversions, especially on the sticky add to cart bar and the product description. That way, people would see the immediate benefit of placing their order.

The result was a lift in conversion rate by 9.7%.

Third Experiment:

While mobile users saw any discount or offer announced on the product page, they could not see it on the cart page.

Our hypothesis was that mentioning the amount users were saving during the checkout page too would increase conversions. That way, people would have a reminder of the good deal they were getting and have an additional incentive to finish their order.

The result was a lift in conversion rate by 3.3%.

Fourth Experiment:

When mobile users arrived at the cart page they could include any discount code ONLY at the bottom of the page.


Our hypothesis was that shifting the discount code box from the bottom to the top of the cart page would increase conversions. This would allow users to apply their discounts immediately, and see the instant decrease in price.

The result was a lift in conversion rate by 4.1%.

The Results

After these 4 changes, Family Gifts Co. saw an overall 30% lift in conversions with a 95% average probability of these results being statistically significant.

What this meant for the business wa30% increase in their revenue. At a $1 Million USD a month at the moment, this meant $300,000 extra revenue that would allow them to scale to the multiple 8 figures mark.

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