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We also offer Agency to Agency solutions :

RELIABLE & ACCURATE Digital Analytics Subcontracting solution White labeled for agencies looking to scale their interim & long term analytics requirements without compromising with the SECURITY of their client's data.

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Get a GA4 setup you can trust with our Comprehensive Google Analytics Audits

A staggering 90% of analytics setups we’ve encountered have critical flaws, lack validation, and aren’t configured for testing.

With our Google analytics audits, empower yourself to make informed decisions based on reliable and trustworthy data.

Parameters Covered
Day Delivery

Common Issues Covered

  • Broken or lost UTM parameter tracking
  • Attribution discrepancies
  • Challenges with cross-domain tracking
  • E-commerce tracking hitches, including those specific to certain payment gateways
  • Filter misconfigurations
  • Event tracking setup anomalies, and much more.

Our Google Analytics Audits Focus:

  • Data Validation: Comprehensive review of the authenticity of collected data.
  • Data Cross-Verification: Contrast and compare with data from diverse sources.
  • Tagging & GA4 Scrutiny: Deep-dive into Google Tag Manager tagging and GA4 configurations.
  • Infrastructure Health Check: Pinpoint existing data infrastructure issues and proffer actionable recommendations.
  • Strategic GA Planning: Crafting a future-proof Google Analytics blueprint, aligning with CRO A/B Testing needs.

Components of Our Audit:

  • GA4 code Implementation Audit
  • GA4 interface settings Audit
  • Core metrics Tracking & Reporting Audit
  • GTM Generic Implementation Audit
  • Data layer configuration Audit
  • Google Analytics related tags, triggers & variables Audit
  • KPIs Audit
  • Integrations Audit
  • Any custom setup Audit
  • Goal and event tracking Audit

Benefits of Our Google Analytics Audit:

  • Accurate data collection.
  • Better & Confident data-driven decision making.
  • Enhanced performance tracking.
  • Reliable Insights into user behavior.
  • Elevated marketing optimization.

Delivery Format of Our GA4 Audit

  • PDF Deck presenting findings, parameters covered and recommendations
  • Spreadsheet listing issues & effort to fix them
Rated 4.9/5
on Clutch

The Following Six Steps explain how we can (typically)
Work Together

1. Discovery Meeting

Requirement Analysis
This is the initial complimentary discovery discussion to assess your requirements and evaluate whether DataVinci is the right partner for your requirements or not.

2. Sign Mutual NDAs

Data & Information Security
This is to safe guard proprietary business information and customer data to proceed with understanding tech stack and business model

3. Granting Accesses

Understanging Your Stack
To audit effectively, we need access to Analytics and Tag Manager to assess data accuracy, verify tags, and ensure optimal tool configuration.

4. Audit Presentation

Findings & Recommendations
Meeting to discuss our audit findings and recommendations, ensuring you're well-equipped to optimize your strategy based on our insights.

5. Solution Scope

Strategy and Scope for Solution
Discussion on strategy, cost estimates, and set timelines to implement the recommendations derived from our comprehensive audit efficiently and effectively.

6. Final Sign off

Reviews, Payments and Next Arc
This will be the formal sign off from the relevant stakeholders to conclude the project and proceed with the payments

Frequent Google Analytics Audit Questions Answered

Typically an Audit takes 5 business days to deliver. This also depends on how quickly you can share the accesses and details to review your customer journeys

The purpose of audit is to pin point gaps in the setup and provide general recommendation on the ideal setup should be. The audit does not provide specific instructions on fixes. 

Along with the audit, we will share a plan on how the fixes can be implemented, along with costs and timelines. We can next discuss how DataVinci can implement the fixes for you.

Our engagement will be formalized with a service agreement. We don’t charge any advance payments. You need to pay us once it is clear that we have delivered the items covered in the service agreement.

To date, we have successfully facilitated 31 workshops focused on Google Analytics training. These sessions are tailored to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate and utilize Google Analytics effectively.

Yes, we specialize in sub-contracting and white labeling analytics solutions. However, we don’t offer any Free Audits for agencies. 

How Can We Help

Gold Standard GA4 Solutions By Certified Google Analytics Consultants

GA4 Consulting & Strategy Services​

Designing blueprint for a successful analytics implementation.

GA4 Implementation Services​

Achieve confident digital marketing & UX with robust GA4 implementation.

GA4 Comprehensive Audit Services​

Assessing GA4 setup for accurate marketing & user data reporting.

GA4 Analysis & Insights Services

Tailored reports for data driven & systematic UX & marketing optimization.

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Why 90% of clients hire DataVinci for multiple projects?

From “Just Another Affordable Optionto “The Gold Standard of Quality

While many initially explore our services due to our competitive pricing, they quickly discover that we’re in a league of our own.

Google Analytics Consultant - Rocket Graphs
Google Analytics Consultant - Rocket Graphs
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We are a Hardcore Digital Analytics Agency

We are a dedicated digital analytics agency. Analytics isn’t a sideline for us—it’s our core competency. We’re not marketers or developers dabbling in analytics; we’re specialists.

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Advanced Analytics Expertise & Solid Processes

With advanced analytics expertise, we employ matured processes to ensure precise insights and actionable results. Our depth of knowledge stands apart in the analytics realm.

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Complete Digital Analytics Coverage

End to End solution across Tag management, Google Analytics 4, Big Query, Looker Studio & CRO

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Exclusive Proprietary Solutions

Proprietary tracking solution with GA4 User ID feature & CDPs. We also have developed our custom hybrid server side solutions.

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No Advance Payments & Unbeatable Price

We require no advance payments. Pay only if we meet the scope agreement. Benefit from our exceptional cost-value proposition.

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Stellar Track Record

We partner with enterprise clients as an extended team, backed by authentic, verified reviews from real individuals on Clutch.

Let's Discuss Your GA4 Requirements :

Rated 4.9/5
on Clutch
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Results Matter. Check Ours.

Our Certified Google Analytics Consultants have delivered 90+ Successful Google Analytics 4 setups and migration with average 94% match rate with backend CRM

Google Analytics Consultant - ITU Case Study

“DV team is more responsive than most of our other agency partners who are state-side! I’ve worked with too many agencies in my 20+ years, and DV is top-notch!”

Verified review on Clutch from Impact Theory

Google Analytics 4 Implementation

Google Analytics 4 Big Query Integration

Google Analytics 4 Looker Studio Dashboarding

Measurement Protocol for Customer Lifetime Activity Analysis

Big Query + SuperMetrics-based dashboard for lifetime ROAS calculation

Google Analytics Consultant - Bionic Case Study

Industry: Health & Fitness
Region: United States

Successful Implementation on Shopify Plus Platform with custom eCommerce funnel reporting.

95% Match rate with Shopify backend
Google Analytics Consultant - Brav Case Study

Industry: Sports & Apparel
Region: New Zealand & Global

Successful Implementation on custom Global eCommerce store with multiple properties and regions

90% Match rate with the CRM
Google Analytics Consultant - Circles Case Study

Industry: Telecom
Region: Singapore & Global

Successful Implementation on Single Page Application based custom eCommerce journey

94% Match rate with the CRM
Google Analytics Consultant - Vohra Case Study

Industry: Healthcare
Region: United States

Successful Implementation of Google Analytics 4 for eCommerce and Lead generation with User ID implementation

95% Match rate with the CRM
Rated 4.9/5
on Clutch
We also offer Agency to Agency solutions :

RELIABLE & ACCURATE Digital Analytics Subcontracting solution White labeled for agencies looking to scale their interim & long term analytics requirements without compromising with the SECURITY of their client's data.

Trust DataVinci

No-data is better than wrong data!

Learn why brands like Cengage, Liberty Wireless, Brav, Swix, Ulvang, Helsport, Lundhags, McCormick choose DataVinci as their extended team of Certified Google Analytics Consultants

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upwork top rated plus
Upwork top rated plus
Top Rated PLUS

We are NOT Top Rated...

We are Top Rated PLUS on the most brutally competitive agency platform - Upwork

Rated 4.9/5
on Clutch

GA4 Myths vs. Facts ?

Tracking Accuracy
GA4 is not Accurate
GA4 is more accurate than UA!
Reporting UI
GA4 has poor Reporting platform
Once learned, The “Explore” reports data like a charm!
Marketing Attribution
GA4 has inaccurate marketing attribution
GA4 offers more robust marketing attribution than UA!
GA4 does not connect
with Looker Studio
That is no longer the case!
GA4 cannot be customized
GA4 offers significantly more custom metrics, dimensions and conversions than UA!

Did You Know ?

With Google Analytics 4 you can get data from both app and website in same property (Unlike Universal Analytics)

Standard reports in Google Analytics 4 are unsampled (Unlike Universal Analytics)

Google Analytics 4 data can be uploaded to Google Big Query readily (Unlike Universal Analytics)

Google Analytics 4 comes with highly advanced exploration reports for ad hoc queries and analyis (unlike Universal Analytics)

With GA4 you can track scroll depths, outbound links, video engagements, form submissions, internal search, file downloads by default without any additional tagging (Unlike Universal Analytics)

Let's Just Do it!

Tell US About Your Website For the Audit

Our team will review your requirements and provide the best solution for your website.

Did You Know?

With Google Analytics 4 you can create your own conversion funnels with a flexible schema (Unlike Universal Analytics)

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