How to create SHAPES in Google Data Studio

I have had the opportunity to work with Data Studio quite expansively for some time now and was required to create a conversion chart.

Problem is, in Data Studio, there aren’t any charts which illustrate a conversion funnel. In earlier versions, it was possible to create a funnel using their Shapes option, but it has been replaced only by 2 figures, that is, line and rectangle.

So my question was “How do I create the shape of an inverted triangle shape in order to create a conversion funnel?”

Then I discovered a new feature of Data Studio – Line start and end properties.

What are these Properties?

Line start and end properties are basically located in line properties panel.

From the image above, the line start and end properties can be seen. These can help create different types of shapes.

How is that possible?

These 3 points in both line start and end can help determine the shape which is being created. If the shape is a diamond then one can simply click the diamond option and create a similar shape.

However, one has to be quite careful while selecting whether it should be a line start or an end property which should be selected for the shape.

If the line start property is chosen.

If this property is chosen with the custom size of 500, you will end up with an equilateral triangle.

If the line end property is chosen.

However, if this property is chosen, with the same custom size and the rest of the settings (apart from colour) then this will result in an inverted triangle.

Therefore, I had gotten the inverted triangle shape I needed to create my conversion funnel. Be sure to experiment with all these different dimensions and create more shapes! Look at more blogs related to google data studio here

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