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Case Background :

In this case study, I have shared highlights from a recent project wherein, I helped a US-based client from the Vegan Supplements industry to optimize their Ads and delivered a 4X jump in ROAS

The campaign objective was to increase ROAS on both Fb AdManager and Google Ads Account
Historically the client was spending Higher on Fb/IG vs Google Ads
Fb AdManager ROAS was 0.3X and the client was finding it hard to sustain.
The client had multiple influencer tie-ups
Google Ads' average ROAS was at 2X
Clients' overall Store level ROAS was hovering around 1.5X ROAS
Audit Findings:
In the last 6 months on Fb Ad Manager, the client had spent 67% budget on experiments and only 40% budget was spent on high-performance ads
The influencer white label campaigns were not always producing positive ROAS because in a single campaign the Client was testing over 10 creatives versions
Limited testing was done on Fb Audiences
On Google Ads Brand campaigns were generating 16X ROAS but weren’t scaling in an absolute number of sales per month.
And Performance Max campaigns were generating high volumes but at a low ROAS of 1.9X
The Client's daily spend was $1000. So we capped the daily spending for experiments to $200. Maintaining a healthy and sustainable ratio of 80%-20% between high-performance campaigns and experimental campaigns.
We only scaled experiments that resulted in 1.5X ROAS or above
We used Growth Hacks, we converted best-performing images into 1-second videos, so that even if the user spent 3 seconds on our campaign our video view % would be 300% thereby triggering the Fb Algorithm to push our Ads at a lower CPM rate resulting in higher reach, higher click and higher ROAS.
We identified that the shelf life of a white label campaign was 3 weeks before it tanked, so instead of publishing all 10 creative versions at once, we started publishing them 3 in 3 weeks this allowed us to run multiple white-labeled campaigns with positive ROAS for a longer period of time.
To scale Brand campaigns on Google it was important for us to increase Brand Keyword searches, so we ran Video views campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram with a CTA to search Brand Name
Our keyword analysis helped us identify 8 new brand keyword combinations which we included in Brand Keywords
Our Competitor analysis helped us identify indirect keywords that we used to create search campaigns.
FB AdManager ROAS jumped from 0.3x to 1.2x
Google Ads Average ROAS jumped from 2x to 4.4x
Store level ROAS jumped from 1.5x to 6x+ and has sustained there for 6 weeks as of May 2022.

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