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Case Background :

In this case study, I have shared highlights from a project I delivered for a medical tech client based out in the United States. The business was facing the challenge of scaling up its customer base as the higher volumes were coming with higher acquisition costs.

The campaign objective was to increase Foot Fall at the Client’s state-funded Diabetic Research Center.
Historically the client was using FB’s lead generation form to generate a lead, and follow it up with a call to book an appointment to visit the Research centre.
We notice that a large portion of follow up calls was responded to by the answering machine, or “can we do this later”.
The website had no incoming traffic, the client’s domain authority for relevant keywords was poor and there was no effort taken for growth via SEO.
The average Lead Generation Cost was $22.24 and Leads to appointment conversion rate was below 2%.
Audit Findings:
Facebook audience targeting was fine.
CPM rates for the Lead generation campaign were higher than CPM rates for Traffic Campaign.
Domain & keyword analysis showed that Diabetes is usually hereditary and a nondiabetic person with a family history would usually search for “Diabetes Symptoms” on Google.
Website heat map analysis showed that users were happy to share their First Name, Last Name, and Email Id, but were hesitant to share their phone number.
While CPL was $22.24, CPC was $1.5 which meant that even with a 10% lead conversion rate on the website our Cost Per Lead could drop to $15
So we created a new lead generation page and optimized it with our learnings from Audit.
Instead of asking for First Name, Last Name, Email id, and Phone number at once, we split the form into 2 pages.
The First Page would only ask for an Email Id (Partial Lead)
And the Second Page would ask for First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number. (Complete Lead)
We also added a Calendly integration for users to inform us what would be a suitable time to call them, this was done to avoid call drops.
In order to rank better on the Keyword “Diabetes Symptoms,” this landing page was created with the URL:
With A/B testing campaign creatives and copies we were able to bring down the CPC from $1.5 to $1
Our effect website conversion rate for the COLD + WARM campaign was 8%
Which lead to an effective CPL of $8, saving 63% on the marketing budget.
The calendly integration gave us a massive bump on lead to appointment conversions as more than 86% of calls were now answered. Our lead to appointment conversion rate improved from below 2% to 13%
The real ROI for the effort came in after 3 weeks when our landing page started ranking on Google Search Results for the keyword diabetes symptoms
The landing page eventually started generating leads organically.
It’s been 3 years since this was implemented the client continues to reap the benefits of it.

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