We will TRANSFORM the incoming stream of traffic on your BEAUTY & PERSONAL CARE store into an ongoing


With our specially designed Brainy Beauty TM Framework, we are unapologetically skilled and so confident that if we do not increase your conversion rate in 90 Days we will not charge a single penny from you. (This will be legally and contractually bound)

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You can create a Golden hook by adding before and after images in the main product image slider!

Some Quick Wins For You

Introducing Social Authority Boosted the conversion rates by 16.7%

Recommended by Top Dermatologist and Estheticians

Clear Skin kit: NOS. 1-4

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this unique formula of over 40+ all-natural ingredients helps to clear up breakouts, blackheads, and blemishes EVEN if nothing else has worked before.

Introducing Before After Images in the top image slider Boosted the conversion rates by 23.8%

Displaying Bundle Inclusions Above CTA Boosted the conversion rates by 17.34%

Displaying Bundle Inclusions Above CTA Boosted the conversion rates by 17.34%

Introducing section with video tutorial on how to use the product BOOSTED the conversion rates by 8.51%

Introducing section with a video tutorial on how to use the product BOOSTED the conversion rates by 8.51%

We Have Delivered

In the last 5 year

Incremental Sales
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Incremental Sales
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The Juiciest and lowest hanging fruit to improve your conversion rates is a simple addition of your review stats in your announcement bar!


This is a highly structured and methodical approach to Conversion Optimization that we have developed after making big wins as well as mistakes across our 1,000 + CRO experiments.

However, it is not about us, it is about how well you will benefit from our experience.

From the wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience across our deliveries, we have gleaned what factors make an eCommerce store in the beauty and personal care niche convert better than its competition. We will revamp your store to ensure that your UX is ticking off all the right checkboxes when it comes to conversion, plus, we will guide on hacks to increase your average order value and expand your market share. Here is the framework :

We will kick off the project with a huddle with your team to understand your business model, your motivation, your vision, what according to you is special about your business. Who is your ideal target audience? What are the trends in your industry? Who is your competition? What separates you from your competition etc. etc.

Irrespective of how beautiful your page is or how lucrative your offer is, if your site crashes often, is slow to load, has bugs, has elements that don’t respond, then all visitors will leave and never come back. If you are running paid ads, give it to charity instead of getting traffic to such a site. This phase will observe analysing your website for technical performance review

No data is better than wrong data. You read it right, wrong data is dangerous and can lead to detrimental decisions. Since data is the foundation of our model, we will review the setup of analytics on your website and if any issues are discovered, we will proceed ahead with fixing them. We will also install tools to provide session recordinds, heat maps & tools to run experiments

In step 4, we will proceed ahead with Data analysis to assess the fall off and fall through across the various stages of your conversion funnel. We will also assess the nature of traffic across your key landing page and come with insights on what can be improved based on our assessment. This is followed by a Qualitative analysis of pages where we discern high scope of improvement

Post data analysis, we will conduct an in depth UX audit of the pages which we have identified as weak in your conversion funnel. This will lead a structured report presenting insights and examples on which components should be there on your site and how they should be placed for a high converting user experience

By leveraging the analysis done till step 5, we will come up with a well laid out blueprint to improve the conversion rate on your website. This is not something that we will impose on you, but this will be a collective effort where your input and involvement will play a critical role because at the end of the day, you know your business better than us OR any external vendor

Based on the hypothesis mutually agreed upon by your team and our team, we will proceed ahead with making the variants to test the hypothesis digitally tangible. This step is to ensure that our design and copy preferences are compatible with yours and we are not making anything live on your site which can impact your brand or business policy

Post the formal signoff on UX and copy for the various variants, and we will proceed ahead with developing the experiences. These developments will be QAed at our end and we will also share these versions with your team for one final sign-off before making anything live.

In this phase, the variants developed and approved in the previous phase will be tested against the existing version of the website through the AB testing & experimentation tools like Google Optimize. Please note : We do not launch any experiment on Fridays or before any long weekends or holidays.

Once the experiment has been launched, our team will maintain a close watch on the performance of the experiment. But, the first report on the performance of the experiment will be shared with you after 7 days. There will be a subsequent report after 14 days, based on which we will decide on continuing OR killing the experiment & the next steps

Once, it has been proven by data that the variant performs better than default, we will make the improvements discovered from the experiment as default feature on your website.

The process will be repeated indefinitely to discover better performing variants through ongoing experimentation & testing.

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BRANDS our team has worked with

190+ Brands Love DataVinci

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Results Matter. Check Ours.

We have delivered 1000+ Successful CRO experiments making the investment in our services the honeypot investment for our clients

Australia-Based Eyecare Brand

Our team of experts implemented an effective strategy that made the brand's conversion rates skyrocket.

36% Increase in conversion rates in within 28 days

US-Based Beauty brand

By enhancing the overall performance and implementing the data-driven hypothesis our team boosted the conversions rapidly.

39% Increase in conversion rates in within 32 days

US-Based Skincare Brand

By optimizing above the fold section of the section the brand achieved significant lift in conversion rates

20% Increase in conversion rates in within 17 days

Europe-Based Beauty Brand

The brand received a significant lift in conversions after optimizing the product page our expertise

30.5% Increase in conversion rates in within 25 days

Did You Know?

You can engage your traffic like moths to the lamp by using a copy that is a mix of bullets and paragraphs


We have never lost a client in the last 5 years due to delivery or quality issues. We have very high client as as well team retention rate

Our solution is specially designed for

Beauty & Personal Care Niche

Many agencies are just operating like assembly lines; providing generic templatized solutions to all their clients. This not only leads to waste of money, but leads to waste of time as well.

Our processes are highly suitable for beauty and personal care niche. This we have achieved after running 1,000s of experiments for our partners and clients. We know what makes the UX tick when it comes to this niche.

Our solution is

End to End

Many agencies in our industry work on only few areas. Some even outsource the work, giving access to your assets to a third party without even your knowledge, often to people they themselves have never worked with in the past.

We have a full inhouse CRO team, right from strategist, to analyst, to UX designer, to copy writer, and to developer. We will manage everything on our own, getting you the stellar quality results in the smoothest manner.

Our solution is

Safe & Reliable

Many agencies in our industry are notorious for charging entire fees upfront. This puts the entire risk with the customers and often leads to conflicts. Often there are layers of sub-contractors without even the knowledge of the client.

We are committing the results with a legal money back guarantee. We will do proper NDAs and compliance agreements with you. We will not share your data or any information that can put you Or your customers at risk

Our solution is

Lean & Efficient

Many agencies in our industry are notorious for bloating the budgets and focusing on areas that involve a lot of effort, but are actually not the needle movers.

We have a very strong data analysis foundation, enabling us to discover opportunities for improvement by leveraging factual information based on data. Further, even our results will be validated with data with total transparency.

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DRAMATIC BOOST in average order value can be achieved with simple hacks around Post Purchase Upsells!


Transform your store to Super Store with DataVinci

Results backed by Data

Our delivery will be backed by data with statistical significance. No manipulations, just pure truth & facts

Fast & Efficient

Our highly refined processes and structure enables us to deliver even complicated CRO projects in fast and efficient manner

Specialist Solution

A solution designed for beauty
and personal care niche

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You can Get massive engagement by showing high-quality images of your ingredients

We Can not Help If All The Reviews Are Genuinely So Good 😀

We Are Legit

DataVinci Analytics Agency has been recognized at rank #2 in annual Clutch B2B rankings for Conversion Optimization and Digital Strategy.

Clutch is a highly respected platform for evaluating agencies as all the reviews submitted on Clutch are genuine and validated by their team.

DataVinci is 5 star rated! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Did You Know?

The Juiciest and lowest hanging fruit to improve your conversion rates is a simple addition of your review stats in your announcement bar!


Identify the additional revenue you can generate with our CRO services!

Pricing of our CRO services starts at $3500 /per month

Your Avg. Monthly Traffic:

Your Avg. Monthly Orders:

Your Avg. Monthly Revenue:

Our team guarantees that you will see a
20% lift
in the first 3 months of
our service.


Slide to calculate impact on revenue at
various conversation lifts

Slide to calculate impact on revenue at
various conversation lifts

Choose Your Time Frame


A 20% Return On Investment!!!!!

With a 30% increase in your conversion rates after utilizing our
CRO services, you will generate $10,500 incremental revenue in
3 months , Post 3 months the ROI on our service is $10,500 (20%)

Did You Know?

The Juiciest and lowest hanging fruit to improve your conversion rates is a simple addition of your review stats in your announcement bar!

Dear Business Builder,

You Must have Conversion Rate Optimization as a function in your digital stack! But why?

Forget the term “Conversion Rate Optimization”, and lets just focus on vanila common sense.

If you have convinced a visitor to visit your site, you can broadly do only 3 things to make them convert:

Educate them about your product and brand benefits Address any concerns stopping them to make a purchase Present them with an offer they perceive as being valuable As simple as that!

Now, how effectively you do the 3 things above will define your business growth and profitability.

CRO is nothing but a function that ensures in an ONGOING manner that these 3 things are being done better than your competition.

May The Force Be With You!

May The Force Be With You!

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