Client : HappyMarketer (A Merkle Company), Singapore

Founded in 2009, Happy Marketer is an award-winning digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore. Today, the team consists of 55 digital experts spread across Singapore and India, and have steadily grown and expanded their business across multiple industries.

Site :

DataVinci X HappyMarketer

DataVinci has supported HappyMarketer in expanding their services with the Adobe Analytics Suite comprising of following tools :

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Launch
  • Adobe Target

With Adobe Analytics suite DataVinci has provided services in Tag Management, Analysis & Insights and Conversion Rate Optimization.

Sub-Contracting Process

Non Disclosure & Non-Compete

Before starting any engagement a Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete agreement was signed between DataVinci Private Limited & HappyMarketer PTE. This ensures HappyMarketer that DataVinci cannot utilize any information assets of any nature of HappyMarketer and its clients in any form. The agreement also legally bars DataVinci from pursuing the clients of HappyMarketer.

Candidate Assessment

HappyMarketer interviewed and assessed human resource assigned by DataVinci for the engagement to evaluate the knowledge and skill set of the team. This is important to ensure that HappyMarketer is not compromising on Quality in leveraging DataVinci for the sub-contracting engagement.

Project Management & Delivery

HappyMarketer assigned a project manager to facilitate the engagement between HappyMarketer(+DataVinci) and the end client.

All the tickets and communication were managed within the HappyMarketer network.

HappyMarketer was kept in cc in all correspondence between HappyMarketer(+DataVinci) & end clients

2 weekly sync up meetings were scheduled :

  1. Between HappyMarketer & DataVinci on mondays
  2. Between HappyMarketer (+DataVinci) & end clients on thursdays

Partner Feedback

“The clients were very satisfied with the services that we’ve provided to them and the level of intellectual discussions we’ve been driving with them is something they appreciated well. They mentioned that we’ve been a great agency partner to get more benefits to them from Adobe Analytics. As a result, they want to hear more from us and our ideas on how can we improve their digital process and outcomes. Keep up the good work!"
Jyot Patel, Director, Analytics, HappyMarkter