Sub-contracting for Incubeta

Impact: Client was able to accommodate 30% more clients.

Case Background

Incubeta is a global marketing services agency that offers a range of digital marketing solutions to help businesses achieve their marketing goals. They specialize in search engine marketing (SEM), programmatic advertising, social media advertising, and data-driven marketing.

With offices in various countries around the world and a team of over 800+ skilled professionals, Incubeta works with brands of all sizes and industries to help them reach their target audience and drive more conversions. Their services include strategy development, campaign planning and execution, optimization and measurement, and reporting and analysis.


In 2021, Incubeta experienced a significant surge in demand for digital marketing services, particularly in the area of analytics. Their team was stretched to limits trying to keep up with the influx of new clients and analytics work and quickly realized that they need to find a solution to meet the needs of their clients. That’s when they decided to partner with DataVinci, a trusted and experienced analytics firm, to partner with their global analytics team.

Why Incubeta Choose DataVinci

“We selected DataVinci after meeting with many different vendors and after finding them to be the most impressive in terms of skillset, relationship building, flexibility and culture fit.”Jade Arenstein

Solution Provided

Our team worked on a wide range of projects for Incubeta’s clients, utilizing a variety of tools and technologies to help them achieve their marketing goals. Some of the key projects we have worked on include implementing and auditing Google Analytics (360, free and GA4), Firebase, and GTM. We have also created custom data dashboards using tools such as Data Studio, Datorama, and Excel, as well as tackled complex BigQuery projects and server-side implementations. Additionally, we have assisted clients in implementing Facebook CAPI, helping them to gain deeper insights into their audiences and improve their marketing performance.

These projects are just a few examples of the extensive range of services we subcontracted for Incubeta. Our team of digital marketing experts has the skills and experience to handle projects of all sizes and complexities, and we are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients. Whether you are looking to improve your website analytics, implement new tracking technologies, or optimize your digital marketing campaigns, we have the expertise and capabilities to help you achieve your goals.

Results & Impact Delivered

As an integral part of Incubeta’s analytics team, we at DataVinci have fully integrated into their team and work processes. We function as a seamless extension of their core team, acting as full-time employees to help them meet the increasing demands of their clients. By partnering with us, Incubeta has been able to expand their capacity and take on at least 30% more clients than they were previously able to serve.

Our team at DataVinci is highly skilled and brings a wealth of expertise to every project we work on. We collaborate closely with Incubeta’s team to deliver innovative and effective solutions that drive results for our clients. In the last three months alone, we have successfully completed an impressive 37 projects, spanning a range of industries and marketing channels.

Our goal is to continue to provide Incubeta with exceptional support and expertise as they continue to grow and expand their client base. We are proud to be part of their team and look forward to continuing our successful partnership in the future.

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