Case Background

Incubeta is an international team of experts in digital marketing, and data who work together to help companies with their digital strategy, technology, and creativity. They are experienced in helping brands grow digital in multiple sectors like retail, travel, finance, FMCG, iGaming, app development, and more. Some of their most notable clients include Google, Hyundai, Netflix, HBO, and L’Oréal.

With an ever-growing list of clients, Incubeta wanted help with various new projects and their complexities – especially around GA4 and Server side tagging – which was a fairly new technology at the time. 

How do we support Incubeta?

Server Side Tagging
We worked on various server side tagging projects, especially for implementing Facebook Conversions API using server side GTM and GA4 event tags. This required a considerable amount of technical know-how, from configuring the custom subdomain to host the server side container to increasing a 9/10 Event match quality between server and browser events.
We delivered clean and insightful audits of Google Analytics properties as well as Firebase projects for Android and iOS apps. We not only provided insights on what is currently wrong with their existing setups but also helped in fixing the issues.
GA4 Migrations
We helped brands migrate to GA4 successfully such that many of them started using GA4 as their source of truth. WIth Google pushing for GA4, it allowed brands to use the opportunity to fix all their glaring issues with data collection and implementation for cleaner and more accurate reports.
Marketing Pixels
We helped the brands implement various pixels on their sites for campaign tracking. New technologies like Enhanced Conversion for Google Ads conversion tags were also successfully implemented driving major uplifts in Brand campaigns.

Subcontracting Solution 

We work as an extension of their team, allowing for a seamless transition of the ownership of the new projects. We are onboarded to their project management tool, Slack, and Google workspace for attenuating control of projects and communication.

Our contractors working for Incubeta are fully integrated within their Analytics and Data team such that we handle client communications and meetings on our own, also keeping in mind any time overlaps that may occur by working with teams all across the globe.

Partner Feedback:

“Their team is highly skilled and they add a huge amount of value and expertise to our projects."

DataVinci Analytics Agency has successfully immersed themselves in the client's team and project, resulting in a 30% improvement in customer service. The internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their work culture and adaptability.

Jade Arenstein, Global Service Lead: Analytics, Data, and BI, Incubeta