Top Rio Shop: 54% Lift in Conversions With
2 Changes On Their Shopify Store

The Brand

This brand started in 2015 with the idea of bringing the most exclusive, stylish, and fun Brazilian apparel to the USA market.

They sell activewear designed for women’s comfort and well-being while exercising or doing any active movement. Their jumpsuits, bottoms, sets, and tops are carefully sourced from the top Brazilian brands, and are then tested in Rio de Janeiro and sent to Miami. From there they are sold as limited collections to women across the United States.

The company started working with Conversion Boosters in January 2021, and within a few months, they had achieved a 54% lift in conversions that came from 2 particular changes on their Shopify store.

This special report covers what these changes were and the results they produced.

The Challenge

When Top Rio Shop came to us, the challenge was that there was absolutely no information around user behavior across the website.

This made it hard to optimize the user journey, because all data had to be sourced from scratch.

That is why the first step was to run a data analysis, in which we found the following facts:

  • 90% of the traffic the site got was from mobile devices
  • Shoppers explored at least 8 products before making a purchase
  • Visitors who were scrolling to at least 75% of the page had better conversion rates
  • Most of the traffic landed directly on Product Pages
  • Conversion from Product Pages to Checkout Cart was below industry standards

Once we had this data, we could start experimenting with changes across the website, two of which brought a 54% lift in conversions.

The Solution

First Experiment:

Our mission was to find why people who scrolled to at least 75% of the page had better conversion rates. This indicated there was some information around this threshold that convinced them to make a purchase.

What we found was that around this 75% there was information about express delivery, money-back guarantee, and quality standards (‘Made in Brazil’). Our hypothesis was that prioritizing this information on the page, and placing it just above the Add to cart button would increase conversions. The result of this test was a lift in conversion rate by 17.2%.

Second Experiment

As said earlier, 90% of the traffic was coming directly from social media and mobile into the Product pages.

However, the ones who bought explored at least 8 products before making a purchase. This meant there was a lot of scrolling which also caused many people to get overwhelmed or lose interest and eventually leave the page.

Our hypothesis was that creating a psychological cue in the form of a floating CTA with animations would increase conversions. This would direct attention to the purchase decision instead of letting people wander around the website and leave without purchasing any product.

We used a web plugging called Sticky CTA, which has an animated and beautiful gradient. The user can Add to cart from this floating CTA and they can also choose the variant of apparel they want directly from there.

The result of this test was a lift in conversion rate by 31.6%.

The Results

After these 2 changes, Top Rio Shop saw a 52% overall lift in conversions across their product pages.

In a matter of 2 months, this activewear Brazilian apparel shop saw a permanent 52% increase in its revenue.With thousands of dollars invested every month into running traffic to their store, this meant a much greater ROI from advertising that propelled their growth forward.

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