Why hire an Analytics Agency?

Before we discuss why you should hire an Analytics agency, let’s talk about the alternatives you have :

  • Hire multiple Analysts and build an in-house Analytics team
  • Don’t hire Analysts and let your Marketing & UX teams handle Analytics as a complementary function.

Digital Analytics is not a core function like Marketing and Product. But it plays a major role in boosting and refining your core functions. Digital Analytics is so important, that assigning it to your Marketing team is the biggest mistake you’d ever make. You should rule out this alternative without a second thought. And that leaves you with the two options : Agency or In-house team.

An in-house team might seem like the best idea because in-house teams are easier to control, monitor and govern, but governing a team is not the goal of your business. The goal is to achieve a solid data foundation that drives decisions and helps design the most lucrative business strategies.

In our experience, most in-house Analytics teams do not prove to be efficient enough. Why we say that? Keep reading.

Why building an in-house Analytics team is not a sensible choice?

Don’t get me wrong — I don’t mean that a brilliant in-house team can’t exist. If you’re lucky enough, you could certainly find one of those skilled people. But you just can’t beat the focus and discipline of an Analytics Agency.

Digital Analytics is not a core function like Marketing and Product. But Digital Analytics refines your core functions. For your other teams to perform well, your Analytics team has got of solid and sound.

Let us mention a few factors which prove that an in-house Analytics team is not a good idea.


Digital Analytics is a combination of multiple roles

Digital Analytics involves multiple roles such as Data Collection, Tag Management, Data Analysis, Report Generation, Dashboarding and Conversion Rate Optimization, and these functions are performed using various tools. It’s extremely difficult to find a resource that specializes in so many areas and tools. So what? You can hire a resource for each function right? Wrong. Every function is important, but doesn’t need the same bandwidth as the other. Your Tag Management Expert might be enjoying Netflix in office while your Reporting Expert tirelessly creates reports and dashboards throughout the day.

An agency is a package of expertise in the entire Analytics stack. They know their roles, easily break down the tasks and manage the entire function with a systematic discipline.